The long life of our great CERTIFICATION BODY VALIDATION

Years of successes

  • some good happen in quality world is CERTIFICATION BODY VALIDATION

    Mark Fishler

  • 2008

    Founding of the company

    Founding of the CERTIFICATION BODY VALIDATION company

    The begin of a great adventure

    Initially, the company appeared in the field of quality management in transportation services from Germany to other countries

  • 2011

    Every day more big

    Partnership with ISO Auditors

    Every day more big

    Then CERTIFICATION BODY VALIDATION, with the approach of developing and extending the boundaries, it joined European audit companies in management systems.

  • 2016

    Registered in UK

    Move to England

    Registered in UK

    Then CERTIFICATION BODY VALIDATION registered the company's official name in the UK and in London we developed our activities in the areas mentioned on this website.

  • 2017

    Other branches start

    Go ahead

    Our branches were set up in Turkey, Iran and Georgia

  • 2018

    Agent acceptance

    More developments

    Agent acceptance

    We plan to expand our company to other countries in Europe and Asia, so contact us if you are a volunteer in your country.