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Food Safety Internal Auditor Workshop

Food Safety Internal Auditor Workshop

Food Safety Internal Auditor Workshop

Nov 30 2017 • 1:30pm EST.

  • Food Safety Internal Auditor Workshop
  • September 14, 2017
  • Hilton Garden Inn, 1741 Harrison Street, Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Event – General Information

    Food Safety Internal Auditor Workshop

    A comprehensive audit system is essential to a company’s food safety and product quality. It provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively and identifies areas that require improvement. The Internal Auditor Workshop will teach you how to conduct internal audits in your facility against one of the GFSI Audit Schemes. Enhance your professional career development by learning more about becoming an internal auditor. Meet your job requirements and build on your ability to monitor the company’s SQF, BRC, Primus GFS and FSSC requirements.


Basic programming

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Entry level programmers

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Getting started with AngularJS by Tod Green


1.5 hours

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